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Each cookbook has hundreds of step-by-step recipes that bring fresh, exciting parts into your everyday meals. From satisfying soups and sandwiches, to delicious entrees and sides, as well as a wonderful collection of irresistible sweets you’ll want to make immediately!  Each cookbook includes southern, Cajun, and Creole down home recipes.  Below are a sample of some of the recipes.


APPETIZERS: Dips, spiced crackers, cheese balls, salsa, Cajun Boudin sausage, Creole deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms, ham ball, and spiced nuts.  

BEVERAGES: Smoothies, sweet tea, eggnog, punch, Hurricanes, hot chocolate mix, homemade rootbeer, and lemonade. 


SOUPS: Chicken noodle, Creole chicken soup, oyster soup, taco soup, vegetable soup, crawfish soup, fiesta turkey soup, potato soup, lima bean soup, Spanish bean soup, cheeseburger soup, and corn & crab bisque.

SALADS: Apple chicken salad, corn salad, potato salad, pasta salad, green bean salad, shrimp salad, broccoli salad, cucumber tomato salad, tuna salad, grape salad, crabmeat salad, avacado chicken salad, fruit salad, Cajun vermicelli salad, ambrosia salad, and fresh cranberry salad.


VEGETABLES: Brussel spouts w/ bacon dressing, creamed spinach, Creole eggplant, green bean casserole, Hungarian cucumbers, mirliton casserole, roasted potatoes, garlic mashed potatoes, smothered squash and onions, sweet potato casserole, sweet potato pone, zucchini.

SIDE DISHES: Succotash, corn fritters, grits, cornbread dressing, oyster dressing, baked mac & cheese, stuffed artichokes, eggplant Josephine, potato cakes, dirty rice,  coleslaw, fried pickles, purple hull peas, French onion baked rice, and baked beans.


Creole smoked chicken, cheddar meatloaf, chicken & dumplin', crab cakes, jambalaya, fried chicken, spaghetti sauce, beef stew, seafood gumbo, chicken & sausage gumbo, baby back ribs, glazed baked ham, baked redfish, stuffed fried flounder, crab stew, chili, baked spaghetti, French toast, grits & shrimp, breakfast casserole, crock pot roast, shrimp Creole, stuffed crabs, red beans & rice, chicken fricassee, goulash, Coca Cola pork chops, bbq chicken, beef stroganoff, beef & cheese manicotti, cabbage casserole, chicken romanoff, corned beef hash, Creole steak, daube spaghetti, cabbage rolls, stuffed bell peppers, and smothered chicken.


Banana nut bread, butter rolls, gallettes, southern cornbread, homemade biscuits, monkey bread, yeast rolls, angel biscuits, Mexican cornbread, pumpkin bread, old school rolls, zucchini bread, fried corn mush, 7-Up biscuits, persimmon bread, sweet potato bread, seafood bread, fry bread, hush puppies, strawberry bread, and sausage muffins.



Southern pecan pie, caramel cake, blueberry cobbler, banana split cake, pusharatas, blueberry muffins, caramel corn, duff pudding, pound cakes, apple pie, cherry pecan log, cinnamon pecan coffee cake, cheese cakes, brownie balls, gingerbread, jello salad mold, ice box cakes, lemon pie, beignets, brownies, fruit cakes, peach cobbler, coconut cream pie, rice pudding, banana pudding, chocolate chess pie, bread pudding, Mississippi mud cake, blondies, cream puffs, and chocolate delight.


COOKIES: Chocolate chip cookies, fudge cookies, ice box cookies, lady fingers, peanut butter cookies, sandies, oreo cookie balls, fruit cake cookies, m&m cookies, oatmeal cookies, Snickers cookies, gumdrop cookies, thumbprint cookies, chocolate chunk shortbread cookies, homemade thin mints, buffalo chip cookies, snicker doodle cookies, and key lime meltaways.

CANDY: Chocolate fudge, bon bons, date nut candy roll, molasses taffy, pralines, sea salt caramels, peanut butter fudge, crockpot candy, haystacks, maple fudge, peanut butter cornflake chews, chocolate pralines, eggnog fudge, millionaires, and Martha Washington balls.


Alfredo sauce, pie crust, romoulade sauce, tomato gravy, blueberry sauce, 7 minute frosting, Cajun boudin, muscadine jelly, pickled eggs, Cajun spice mix, chili sauce, spiced apple butter, pear relish, giblet gravy, oven baked roux, microwave roux, gumbo file', pear honey jelly, spicy shrimp sauce, Amish peanut butter spread, blackened seasoning, tartar sauce, hot pepper relish, and dumplings.


Some of the family surnames that shared recipes for the cookbooks are  McVeay, Bullock, Dubaz, Cuevas, Fayard, LaRue, Franzen, Spragio, Sumrall, Caillavet, Broussard, Fountain, Shoemaker, Wootton, Tisdale, Kuluz, Kersanac, Ferguson, King, McLeod, Howell, Boney, Parker, Pluff, Beaugez, Fontenot, Tucei, Quave, Grady, Gollott, Oehms, Gutierrez, Tiblier, Foretich, Baker, Bullock, Covich, Borries, Moran, Seymour, Williamson, Lepre, Hughes, Trochesset, Raymond, Cvitanovich, McManus, Diaz, Byrd, Baricev, Duggan, Marinovich, Gill, Brown, Fallo, Bennett, Murphy, Myers, Kersteter, and Nicovich.


This section include definitions of cooking terms, microwave hints, measurement definitions, a fantastic 'Substitutions for Ingredients' page, time table for cooking fruits and vegetables, and flavor descriptions of herbs & spices and suggestions of types of foods to use them on.  


Many people that have contributed recipes to the cookbooks have included information about the family behind the recipe or a special memory about the recipe.  Some have included an "In Memory Of' tribute in a loved one's name.